What Kinda Girl ??

Whoa !!

Thanks to the almighty demented one for the link …..

I think …. 🙂

So …… wanna know what kinda ultimate beautiful woman I tested out as? Then …..

Sexy Secretary
You are every secretary’s nightmare

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Gezzuz …. you get caught on the conference room table a few times and suddenly you’re the office tramp …. whatever !! 🙂

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  1. i never talk to her on yahoo
    (or on yoo-hoo, for that matter)
    maybe she hates me?
    i mean, if she thinks of me at all,
    she probably would despise me…

    meanwhile, A,
    hate is a corrosive,
    doing great damage to anyone who holds or carries it…

  2. That is so not true !! I just haven’t signed on chat much the past few days and when I have, you haven’t been on-line. My gawd, I certainly don’t hate you ….. I hate some things ……. and I hate some situations …. but I rarely hate another person …. in fact, there are only two that I know of …. the first is myself on occasion, but that’s just something I’ve had to deal with like … forever 🙂 …. and the second is obviously Darth …. I have to work hard to keep my disdain for him in check …. and clearly …. not only does it border on hate, there are times when it has crossed the border …. but I have to keep it under control, ’cause …. hate is the path to the dark side …. and that’s not my destiny. (I seriously think this krap, scary, huh? lol)

  3. as i’ve said previously,
    this test would be redundant–
    i am me,
    and women just don’t get any more beautiful,
    ultimate, or modest
    than i already am…

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