May Day Meal

I am sooooo tired ….. soooooo exhausted ……

But I had a nice wicked, wild, kewl victory in court today …..

So I suppose it was worth it.

Here’s some Amy-trivia for you …..

What fast food sandwich do I eat as a good luck superstition before a trial?

Filet o’ Fish from McDonald’s ….. isn’t that sick ?? Ugh !!

My good luck sandwich in law school before exams was …. the Cold Cut Special at Subway …. triple ugh !! …. Before our first law school exam Shaft and I went there to eat …. I had like $2.00 …. the sandwich was on sale for $1.69 …. that’s all I could afford …. so I got it ….. I did well on my exam and for the rest of law school …. it became a superstition. Gawd, I hated that sandwich !!

My home computer got fried last night in a really sweet electrical storm !! So sad …. ’cause I loved my home computer …. I built it about a year ago, really hadn’t upgraded it much since then …. but gawd …. it so totally rocked. Hopefully I can resurrect it ….do a little triage !! 🙂

I still really like storms ! 🙂

Shaft kicked the living krap out of me in darts when I got back to the office after the trial …. three games in a row …. I wasn’t in any of the games ….. serious butt kicking.

Hmmmm I’m watching the Josie and The Pussycats movie instead of the President’s speech about the war ….. I’m so over the war. And I was so into it originally …. I don’t have much of an attention span sometimes !

I’ll post Decision – Option 3 by this weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the darts props, Amy. Used up all of your super powers at trial. I, on the other hand, had plenty of super powers left because………. I lost.

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