A Touch of Irony

What are the odds that I’d get court-appointed to represent a defendant accused of initiating a barroom brawl because he read a T-girl sitting at a table in a “straight” bar and then decided it was his purpose in life to make a scene ….. allegedly a big scene?

Apparently the odds are pretty phucking good ! Geezuz !

Anyways …. yeah, I know, I haven’t posted anything the last few days, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about ya ….. thanks for caring enough to notice !! 🙂

I have been writing away and dying to tell you a few things.

But my first priority is to finish my Decision posts, I’ve gotten stumped on one of the remaining ones …. anywhoose …… they have to be all up and done by Tuesday (that’s when the season finale for 24 airs).

I’m also punching out my thoughts on the whole Bailey book issue …. though my attention is more directed towards mAnne Lawrence than Pee Wee Bailey. I’ll get it posted soon enough.

Shaft is continuing his control over me in darts ….. my official Dart-Borg name as of yesterday at 6:00 p.m. is 7 of 34. Shaft is 27 of 34 (for those who can’t do the math).

I’m sooooo in crush with Clay Aiken …. one of the finalists for this year’s American Idol. His voice is beyond dreamy, I adore the geek-cute look and the things he does with his mouth …. ooooo laaaa laaaaa !!

Shaft is all about one-trick-pony Ruben Studdard …. it’s some silly fat man bonding theory of Shaft’s ….. “always go with the big guy.” WE.

Oh … and yes, to the couple of viewers that have sent me e-mails commenting about how my “MOOD” noted in the right hand column of the front page frequently changes, but that my smile never does ….. you’re right. 🙂

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  1. Hey hey Stacy ….

    Yeah …. this week has been bonkers …. thanks for noticing too though !! 🙂

    You disappeared for a week when you were reading Moby …. not allowed again !

    Any Six Minute Screenplays on the agenda?? I think you’re overdue !! 🙂

  2. ummm…
    wouldn’t you have a conflict of interest?
    and i noticed you weren’t posting,
    and figured you were occupied,
    and didn’t want to hound you…
    it’s not that i didn’t notice…
    and i got a copy of the book
    “hunchback of notre dame”
    which i will start reading soon…
    i could barely stand internet silence
    during moby dick,
    so i don’t think i’ll do that this time…

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