Charmin Soft

I was laying down to go to bed last night and noticed something for the first time …..

I’m really soft !

I think it’s a by-product of the last hit of changes I received from the hormones ….. the same ones that created my boob problem ….. it seems to have also reached the critical change mass point for my body softness ……

I’m saying this for two reasons …..

One, time factor for others to pace …. I’ve been on hormones 14 months now, log that, body softness reached at 14 months ….. and

Two, the whole hormone experience has been part of my own personal real life test …. how I evaluate if I want to proceed further ….. so as I was laying there, and as my legs were touching one another in my curled up position …… and I had to admit to myself that this body I now have would feel like a girl’s if touched or held by someone else …..

I asked myself the same thing I have at each step in the process …..

Does this feel weird? Does this feel unnatural? Does this feel distasteful?

Hmmmm …… nope, it definitely feels different, but actually feels right.

Check that one off.

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  1. omg !! Stacy …. you completely crack me up sometimes !! lol Me … self-esteem issues ?? Ahhhh ….. no. 🙂 Though I can definitely be shy until I get to know the room, am incredibly insecure about my appearance, and as Kate A. said about herself, “my ego isn’t fragile, but it is vulnerable”, I really don’t think I’ve ever suffered from low self-esteem. I mentioned Charmin because I wrap myself up in rolls of it at least once a week and walk around the neighborhood scaring little children ….. and noticed that it feels really goooood !! 🙂 No, actually, I think it’s a mere remnant from my excessive television viewing …. yeah, I even memorize, quote, reference commercials …. geezuz …. maybe I should have low self-esteem !! lol

  2. also,
    i hesitate to mention this…
    you’re comparing yourself
    to toilet paper?
    is there an underlying self-esteem issue?
    i know,
    i’m scaring you again,
    but i’m serious…

  3. *sigh*
    happy memories have been invoked
    (or is it evoked?)
    but, yeah,
    how normal it all feels…
    i think it took me longer than 14 months,
    but i had a team of fundamentalists praying for me
    (or was it against me?)
    i cried out,
    and the Lord heard me…

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