Where Do You Learn That Stuff?

I walk into Shaft’s office and he hits me with that question ….

“What are you talking about ?”, I reply. Pretty much not clued in from where he was coming.

“That make-up and hair stuff you do, I mean, when I have a question about how to repair my washer or something, I get the specs, find out what I need and fix it, but that stuff you’re doing, I’m guessing girls learn that from their moms, and well, it’s not like you did,” was his rather thoughtful observation.

“It’s not easy, there’s a lot of trial and error, and

I have a ton of make-up that I’ll NEVER use that looked right in the store, but worthless once I got it home. Really, It’s mainly just practice,” was my simplistic reply.

And we let it go at that. Well, not actually, he then commented on my “hair” in my pictures I posted here. Apparently I’m “doing it different” from what he remembers.

I’m like, “what ??”

And he’s like, “Well, other times your hair has more curl to it.”

So I reply, “Dude, I had just woken up in those pictures, I was still in my pj’s, I threw on some lipstick and gloss for quicky pics and that’s it, no make-up, hair up except for the one were I combed it out, I was just goofing off ….. it takes time to make it all “curly” and I rarely take that time.”

“Oh, I guess,” was his clueless and disinterested reply. He had already tuned me out.

Welcome to the world of guys just assuming there’s no effort involved in looking the look …. and I take his comment about how my hair is now “different” as an insult !! Bastard!! 🙂

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  1. “ugly indian”???
    well, you do have every right to speak of yourself as you wish to, but that could engender (so to speak) bad attitudes all around…

    meanwhile, A, i still think you must have better things to do with your bux…
    listen, i’m not bragging (yeah, right) but without a beard, my face is prettier than my mother’s, and your chin and jaw line is way better than mine…

  2. I saw it !! omg ! Thank you !! I sent you an e-mail thank you, but being Ms. Efficiency that you are …. we always correspond via comments !! Who needs e-mail !! lol

    Fan people, No. 1 Fan !! That doesn’t make me a stalker !! 🙂

    $30,000 is serious coinage any way you look at it !! I’d love not to spend it, but for me, it’s such a critical component, that I can’t seem to get over it.

    And the name you gave on that last comment post … simply unacceptable !! Do that again and there will be “serious consequences” !! lol Now, you can’t be excused from the table until you finish the rest of your dinner, then you can go out and play !! 🙂

  3. If you have the funds from being a lawyer, then I would wager that you need not be braining yourself over the obvious.

    by the by, check out the front page of my lil site

  4. yeppers, that’s me …. eek !!

    That’s so nice of you to say ! Thank you.

    FFS has always been the most important surgery for me in my mind …. but the expense of it …. gawd …. it’s killin’ me …. and I’ve got to send my $$ into Mira at Dr. O’s office within the next couple of weeks to lock in a surgery date to coincide with my going fulltime schedule … so you’ll be seeing plenty of blogs about it over the next two/three weeks while I do my typical braining !! lol

  5. frankly, i think he could hit a curve ball…
    i learned a lot from YM, Glamour and Seventeen.
    if they’re not in your doctor’s office,

  6. ROFLMAO You are too kool !!! LOL 🙂

    Please e-mail to me when you get the chance 🙂 I’ll make sure you get proper credit.

    I know 🙁 Hopefully someday it won’t be necessary.

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