Pokes in the Face

It’s been said before (I know I read it on Kate’s site and on a few others) that you know you’re a transsexual when you get cranky if you have to miss an electrolysis appointment ….. I always found that amusing because when I would have to miss an appointment …. it would definitely bum me out.

So ….. I didn’t get cranky yesterday ….. just got poked …. alot !! I did 8 hours of electrolysis, which I think brings my total now to 1.4 billion hours (seems a bit high, but it was last audited by Arthur Anderson, just before they issued their Enron report, hmmmm?) ….

actually, I’ll post a summary of my hours ….. I’m over 300 now, but don’t know exactly how many …. as much of a pain in the face that electrolysis is …… it’s sooooo worth it to me …… laser wouldn’t work at the time, beard too light and wrong color ….. so I did it the old-fashioned way …… I can go days now without shaving …. it’s so nice ….. I love the smooth feel and complete lack of any beard shadow ….. and ability to wear minimal make-up.

Why am I saying this ?? Well, maybe because I’m picking a jury in less than 3 hours and my face is all swollen and red still …. so I guess it’s on my mind …. but also, completely contrary to my normal behavior where I never offer advice unless asked …… “just ain’t my style” …. I thought I’d mention this to those in the early stages of transition ….. I don’t think you can ever start facial hair removal too early …. and if I had started it earlier ….. I wouldn’t be doing these long sessions to be done in time by this …… whoa !!! Almost slipped up and let out the transition date !! 🙂

So seriously think about starting your hair removal early. Being in boy-mode is no big deal when you’re doing it …. if you need a good cover story for why you’re getting electrolysis …. heck, just e-mail me …. I’ve got all the tricks down and some very legitimate cover stories (well, legitimate for someone I’m sure, just not for me when I was using them !! lol)

Peace out

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  1. Girls !! No fighting …. do I have to cwall a time-out?? LOL

    Si …. sit in the chair
    Stace … over there on the sofa

    Oh sure …. now you guys listen to me !! I don’t know what to do now …. I don’t have any kids !!

    Let’s just go out for some ‘za and beers …. I’ll say something staunchly in support of the Iraq war and then both of you can then team up and kick my incredibly cute, but apparently expanding ass !! 😛 And everything will be all better !! 🙂

    And Si …. I had to correct a typo in the name that you used for your last comment 🙂 And besides Chickie-poo …. you’re the one that’s got some dude all hot for her Indian heritage ….. I just get e-mails telling me to show some ….. ahhh, let’s just forget what I’m asked to show !! 🙂

  2. ummm…
    i’ve never even seen your guts,
    but i’d guess that they are perfectly lovely…
    i’m sorry i’ve given you that impression…

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the problem …. I haven’t figured out what causes it …. Shaft told me he has the same problem on the front page too …. so there has to be some width variable that I’m not doing correctly …. I’ll get it fixed !!! I know it bugs me to when I encounter that problem.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. yeah,
    beard removal is pretty damned important
    (says the welfare mom who wakes up stubble-faced every morning)

    much as i love makeup,
    it would be really nice if it were an option,
    and not an essential part of my persona…
    (actually, i use a norelco…)

    although aspiring transistioners might want to try vaniqa first…

    hey, A, could you make the “read more”
    column narrower?
    runs over the edge of my screen,
    and i have to scroll back and forth…
    okay, it’s not quite as painful as beard-zapping…

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